Things That Needs To Improve from The Dark Side of Bollywood

The Dark Side of Bollywood Things:-

dark side of bollywood


With this year we started a new year and new decade and what kind of movie we want is almost upon us and while the atmosphere in and outside the country doesn’t inspire one much to stay hopeful, it is only human to wish that things would get better. Being a cinema lover, some of these expectations of mine Bollywood make it happen as a wishing well and Dark Side of Bollywood will enhance.

1. Let women have the spotlight in their stories

dark side of bollywood

When it comes to Bollywood, I will remember the year going away for its unique distinction of letting men highjack women’s narratives. This phenomenon though seemed more pronounced this year probably because there were very few women-centric films, to begin with.

So, it hurt more when women were side-lined from stories that were supposed to champion them. Perhaps with a couple of A-list women directors seeing releases next year. hopefully, the narrative will rest with women characters at the heart of stories about them.

2. Get rid of the remixes

dark side of bollywood

The nineties have been drained dry, with so-called music composers of the day giving creativity a miss and opting to bestow remix after remix on our ears. You can do better than this Bollywood, seriously.

It is not as if we do not have composers who can belt good original scores. There are a lot of talented composers who can do well and present their originality. Film producers seem to be unwilling to let go of the remix wagon, which seemed cute in 2017, but not anymore. It seems like the value of a classic car is destroyed after modified.

3. The disagreeable misandry

dark side of bollywood

I think it would be too much to ask for if one expects the film industry to stop making movies that demean women. Although, there is a specific genre where one can expect to be regressive, what does one do, when even romance films and comedies begin to pander to the masses, that too with innocence.

This is not about the objectification of women in sex-comedies, but the sexism sold to us. The fault surely lies with the audience, but then must Bollywood keep pushing misandry way, until it is met with resistance and intense and outright criticism?

4. Comprehensive casting

dark side of bollywood

The furor over casting choices had never been as pronounced as it was in 2019. It was women actors who were especially at the receiving end of the social media era. Young women playing older women, a fair woman being cast in the role of a woman with a dark complexion.

Curiously there was little or no outrage when a leading actor with luscious hair played a balding protagonist, or when an A-category was dunked in a drum of tan to make him look like an impoverished coaching teacher.

5. Thought of Remakes

dark side of bollywood

The fault surely lies with the audience because when we will not viewing kind of movies then only the director stops showing us the same story with different languages and some suitable adjustments.

In 2019 their where many movies that don’t have the credibility to showcase but if we look over the revenue chart those movies have earned more than the deserving ones.

6. Removing Nepotism

dark side of bollywood


One of the more controversial debates has been nepotism. Nepotism, according to the Oxford dictionary, means “the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.”

Directors, producers, and actors have been guilty of endorsing nepotism and submerging talent. Of course, every coin has a flip side, and nepotism does not mean that actors do not have talents.

7. Content is the king, not the 3 k’s families Bollywood

dark side of bollywood

Audiences seem to be drawn to movies with good content and powerful stories. Proving that huge star cast is not the only aspect for a grand successful movie. Filmmakers to do some serious introspection of the content that they would want to offer in the form of cinema.

They would need to detach themselves from their potential product and give their scripts a serious revision with the explicit discerning judgment of whether they are actually offering something good to the ticket-purchasing viewer or if they are just blinded by the emotion of writing a movie that isn’t, in reality, all that good for the quality demanding audience.

Bollywood should think more about the wider direction that content is not only biopics, crime cases, most recent achievements, diseases.

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